Lady Levi's Shiny Hunts

Hiya! I'm Leviathan! I'm a somewhat experienced shiny hunter. My favorite method has become the PokeRadar as I've become fairly good at it. If you have questions about shiny hunting, feel free to ask. If you have any requests for chaining, ask and I shall see what I can do.
Okay, so I decided to take a break from trying to reclaim my lost Smeargle and go back to my hunt for shiny Goomy. The Pokemon I wanted to be my first Kalos shiny, but that unfortunately didn’t happen. However, I started this hunt last night and in only 81 encounters, this gorgeous glop dragon popped up!! I’m extremely happy. Shiny Goomy is one of my dream shinnies and I literally couldn’t make a sound. I kind of squeaked…. >.< Lol. But anyway, I’m really really happy right now. Not even my stupid failure to catch shiny Smeargle can make me sad anymore! 
His name is Namekuji, and he is NFT. :3 
I used the Repel Trick to get him. 
Again, only 81 encounters.
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